the early days

Howard Kennedy School before 1916 was known as Omaha View School. It was located on the west crest of the hill. It was a two story frame building with four rooms and served students through the eighth grade. In 1916 the main structure of the present building was built and the name was changed to Howard Kennedy in memory of the first superintendent of the Omaha public school system.
In 1952 the school had 361 students. Three housing projects were completed and the school grew rapidly to nearly 1,000 students. Three portable buildings were added for temporary use. In grades one through three children attended on an extended day schedule until 1957 when the new addition was completed and occupied.

In 1976 as a result of the desegregation of the Omaha Public Schools the concept of Primary Grade Level Center was developed. Howard Kennedy was converted to a Primary Grade Center serving students from kindergarten through third grade. Many of our second grade students came to us from the Washington, Harrison, Western Hills and Field Club areas. Many of our third graders traveled from the Belle Ryan and Dundee areas.
Beginning with the 1999-2000 school year, Howard Kennedy serves the district as an Elementary Grade School. Grades begin with Pre-Kindergarten and continue through Sixth Grade. Our students come primarily from our immediate neighborhood. The 2004-2005 enrollment is approximatelly 200 students.